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IQSTEL Inc. (OTC Pink: IQST) is a publicly-listed, technology company offering a wide array of services to the Telecom and Internet industry. iQSTEL, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Etelix offers international long-distance voice services for Tier-1 worldwide telco carriers (ILD Wholesale) and submarine fiber optic network capacity for data carriers and internet service providers both land-based and mobile (4G and 5G).

Based in Miami, FL USA, LLC ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of iQSTEL. Etelix was established in 2008 and holds a 214 FCC-issued international telecommunications carrier license.

To become a world-wide reference as a provider of comprehensive and innovative technological solutions and services to the telecom industry, by adding value to our clients and shareholder through the provision of cutting-edge technology.

To provide telecommunications services, solutions, applications by creating innovative and modern technological solutions to meet specific needs to our world-wide customers. This mission will be driven by our unwavering commitment to our employees, providers, partners, and shareholders.

iQSTEL in addition to collaborating with the growth and development of the business of its subsidiary USA LLC. iQSTEL is planning to expand its services to the retail market offering International Long-Distance voice communications to Corporate, Small Business and Individuals (ILD retail), supported in part on its current infrastructure.

iQSTEL is also exploring to enter in new business areas and markets, such as Satellite Communications; Mobile Services under the figure of a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO); Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and Data Centers. These new ventures will be developed either through mergers or acquisitions, or through strategic partnerships.

iQSTEL is already allocating resources to develop a project of Blockchain Payment Solution to facilitate the settlement of exchanged traffic among international carriers based on smart contracts.

June 24, 2011
PureSnax International, Inc., was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada, as a wellness brand focused on bringing healthy snacks and foods to consumers.

March 8, 2017
PureSnax International exited a previous License Agreement with a Canadian snack food Licensor. PureSnax was working to develop its own brand and its own products for manufacture, distribution, sales and marketing of various products within the health foods and snacks industry and to pursue related business opportunities.
The opportunity to acquire USA, LLC, was presented to management and the board of directors of Puresnax International. Management believed that, even though this acquisition represented a departure from the PureSnax’s business plan and core expertise, it was a better opportunity to create shareholder value, not just in the immediate but in the mid and long term than its current business.

June 25, 2018
PureSnax acquired the 100% of the membership of USA, LLC, and thus in that moment the PureSnax left the healthy snacks and foods business to focus on Telecommunications Business. With the acquisition of the Etelix, PureSnax also acquires the knowledge and 10 years of history in the telecommunications business.

August 30, 2018
Puresnax changed its name to “iQSTEL Inc.”, as well as a new common stock trade symbol “IQST” in order to better resemble its new name. iQSTEL is as a technology company, offering a world-class telecommunications and internet services.

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Leandro Jose Iglesias
President & CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors
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Alvaro Quintana
CFO & COO, Member of the Board of Directors
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Oscar Brito
Member of the Board of Directors
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Juan Carlos Lopez Silva
Chief Commercial Officer


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iQSTEL currently serves two markets through its wholly owned subsidiary Etelix:

International Long-Distance Voice Termination Service (ILD Wholesale)

Etelix provides International Long-Distance voice termination in the ILD Wholesale market through over 200 interconnections with telecommunication carriers, PSTNs, PTTs, Mobile Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Long Distance Operators and Long Distance Wholesale Carriers; supplying international connectivity and international call transit among all countries of the world. Read More

Etelix provides 24x7 network monitoring through two Network Operation Centers (NOCs), one located in America and another one in Europe, with bilingual staff (English- Spanish). All network platform (switches, billing platform, router engines, session border controllers, Data Base servers, ERP platform) is located in Miami Downtown, FL, and are accessed remotely from all employees around the world using a secure data connection. Read Less

Submarine Fiber Optic Network capacity provider for 4G and 5G

An important milestone in the evolution of Etelix was in 2013, when Etelix was part of a consortium of major carriers for the upgrade of the Maya-1 submarine cable systems that runs from Hollywood, Florida to the city of Tolu in Colombia. This consortium was led by Orange Telecom and Orbitel, where Etelix participated with 10 Gbps of capacity. The bulk of this contract was sold to Millicom . . . Read More

An important milestone in the evolution of Etelix was in 2013, when Etelix was part of a consortium of major carriers for the upgrade of the Maya-1 submarine cable systems that runs from Hollywood, Florida to the city of Tolu in Colombia. This consortium was led by Orange Telecom and Orbitel, where Etelix participated with 10 Gbps of capacity. The bulk of this contract was sold to Millicom (Tigo Costa Rica). This capacity considerably enhanced Tigo's ability to deploy world-class 4G services to its customers in Costa Rica.

The growing demand for internet connections in 4G and 5G in Latin America, opens the need to increase the connectivity between Latin America and the USA, which is where most of the internet content that users are looking for in Latin America is. Being this the reason Etelix will focus on finding business opportunities to acquire capacity in submarine cables in the region, participating as an Internet provider for 4G and 5G networks deployments in Latin America. Read Less


Etelix is interconnected to the most important players in the industry, among which it is worth mentioning the following: Verizon, KDDI, PCCW, Hutchinson, Flow Jamaica (Cable and Wireless Caribbean), Cable and Wireless Panama, Millicom (TIGO), Telefonica de España (Movistar), Telecom Italia (TIM), Portugal Telecom (MEU), Optimus (NOS), Belgacom (BICS), Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone India, Airtel, Reliance, Viettel, TATA Communications, iBasis, Orbitel, Entel, China Telecom, among many others.


Blockchain Payment Solution Project (Blockchain PSP)

iQSTEL plans to take advantage of the experience Etelix has in the Telecommunications business specifically in ILD Wholesale market to develop a payment platform for the International Long-Distance Telecommunications (ILD Wholesale) Operators through the use of “iQSTEL Token” for payments among Operators reducing the time and costs of payments, settlement and reconciliation for ILD Wholesale voice exchange services, thanks to the use of the Blockchain protocol on-line/real-time, using the iQSTEL Blockchain PSP. Read More

In order to be part of the iQSTEL Blockchain PSP ecosystem the Operators need to have the iQSTEL Blockchain PSP installed in connection with its voice exchange switching system and iQSTEL Token wallet with positive balance. Only iQSTEL will process the exchange for the iQSTEL Tokens into US$ and/or Euros.

Estimated Benefits of iQSTEL Blockchain PSP:

  • Reduction of credit risk, since all sales can be considered as "cash sales".
  • Reduction of losses due to bad debts, since the collection is in real time.
  • Elimination of bank transfer fees, since they disappear with the use of iQSTEL Token.
  • Elimination of all costs related to the use of trade insurance policies since they are no longer necessary. All sales are "cash sales" on-line/real-time.
  • Reduction of losses due to disputes, since all sale will be cashed in real time. Potential disputes are detected very early in the settlement process.
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